Hi everyone, I’m Denisa!


I grew up in Slovakia, in a small city called Piestany, which is actually a really beautiful city (sometimes we call it big village). Since I was a little girl, I was always very creative and had a lot of imagination. I have always been ”living in my dreams”, but it is better to live the dreams, isn’t it? I believe that life is about doing something that when you wake up in the morning, you are excited for the day, for the challenges and the experience you get.

I studied Hotel Management even though I always wanted to go to an art school. But people do decisions and i had to decide too. I was never one of those people for who school and good university is one of the most important things in life. I went to school because i had to, I got a diploma and I didn’t even think to continue and keep studying at another university.

During my third year of studying, I decided to spent summer in Malta. I was only 18 years old so I did it mostly to enjoy the summer in a bit different way, earn some extra money and to improve my English. I enjoyed it so much, that when a year passed and the next summer ”knocked on the door”, I flew to Malta again. This time I met Andy, at that time my colleague… At first it was just a summer love, but by time we started getting closer than we planned 🙂

After I finished the school, I moved to Malta. Now we have our own place and we are happily living together 🙂


What is characteristic for me?

I have passion for art, traveling, writing, yoga, cooking, baking…….. It is difficult to choose my favorite one, I just love all of them. Drawing and painting have been my hobby since I was little girl and every time I just want to ”switch off”, I paint. It is something that brings my thoughts to ”different world” and I think that everyone needs some time like that.

When it comes to traveling, I never can get enough of that, and that is my blog mostly about 🙂 I love sharing my experience, because I know that sometimes it might be very helpful for others. For now, I traveled some countries with different cultures what changed my way of life and behavior. Traveling is a great ”school of life” because when you see how other people live, you appreciate certain things much, much more…


My aim with this blog is to give some suggestions and tips to whoever is maybe thinking of going abroad but still can’t decide where to go, or maybe someone who need information and suggestions about certain places. I also want to give some motivation or ideas to people who love art or cooking like I do. In general, I share piece of my life with you and I hope I inspire someone or at least give some useful info 🙂

PS: Whatever is the reason you are reading my blog, I THANK YOU for stopping by! Love you all xxx

Click here to see our video from 2015 in Malta


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