NUSA ISLANDS: 10 things you should know before visiting Nusa Islands


These three islands are a combination of peace, beauty and lovely people. During our journey in Indonesia, we decided to spend a week here and it was the best decision we could have done.

Nusa islands (especially Nusa Penida) is like Bali used to be before all the tourists came there. It’s a great place to go if you want to have a break from the busy city life.

We saw some breath-taking views, had a bit of an adrenalin driving a motorbike on their crazy damaged roads but also relaxed our body by getting the best massage ever.


Nusa Penida

1. Nusa Penida is bigger than it seems

Do not underestimate the size and distance between villages. When we came to this island, we didn’t expect that it’s so big. The distances between places we wanted to visit were quite long and between them there was basically nothing. We lost time by going from side to a side because we didn’t think it off. There is only one proper road around the island, but make sure which side you decide to go and it’s best you check on the internet how long it approximately takes to get wherever you want to go. Just rent a bike to visit all the beautiful spots this island has to offer, breath-taking scenery, rock roads and the most beautiful beaches that are virtually impossible to get to.


2. Wherever you go, always make sure to check if there is accessibility

Some of the beaches are not accessible by car or a motorbike, like for example one we wanted to visit called Manta Bay. We spent half a day looking for it (we were also asking locals but no one understood us). We were like 3 hours away from our accommodation and the light on our motorbike was not working. When the sun started going down we had to give up and go back. Next day we got to know that you either need to go there by boat or jump from a cliff.


3. Don’t panic if you see a Komodo dragon 🙂

Yes, there are Komodo dragons! And they look super scary, but they are very scared of people. We saw them 3 times during our holiday there and they ran away as soon as we moved (we only saw the small ones). Obviously if you try to attack them, they will attack you back haha, but why would you do that?


4. Locals don’t really understand English there – they will answer ‘’yes’’ for whatever you ask them 

Indonesian people have amazing personalities and they always try to help with everything. But since locals from these islands are not so used to tourists, they don’t speak English. However, as much as they want to help by trying to understand you, sometimes it’s not very helpful. We had a bit of an issue when we were looking for the above mentioned Manta Bay and were asking people on the street if we are going the right direction and everyone was telling us ‘Yes, yes, yes’’ and shaking their head. Well, next day we got to know that we weren’t going the right direction AT ALL 🙂


Nusa Lembongan

5. There are good spots for surfing

There are must visit places for experienced surfers! Reputation of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan as a world-class surfing and diving destination is growing by every day. If you know at least a little bit how to surf, you will definitely enjoy it there 🙂


6. If you are snorkelling – be careful of strong currents

Don’t risk swimming too far from the beach as you will be surprised how strong currents there are (not only in Nusa Lembongan). It might get pretty dangerous if you are far and no one sees you, so if you want to go snorkel and see the beautiful Manta Rays, turtles and all the colourful coral – it’s always better to find a local who will be happy to take you there by boat.


Nusa Ceningan

7. You can see the whole island in one day  

Nusa Ceningan is such a little island! If you rent a motorbike, you can see all the nice spots in one day. We only spent one night here and it was more than enough. We managed to go all around the island and also took an amazing massage.


8. The roads are DISASTER

Be prepared for this, I literally didn’t believe that we will arrive back home alive. If you want to go around by bike, drive slowly because the roads are very treacherous in some places, even if you are an experienced biker. There are holes and huge stones everywhere, sometimes you might unexpectedly find a cow in the middle of the road, and all of a sudden you are going down a scary steep hill and you realize that your breaks are not working properly…


9. Very low prices

Since this is a little island and it’s not so popular for tourists, the prices are even lower than in Bali. We stayed in really nice bungalows with amazing view, pool and it was including breakfast and we only payed around 200,000IDR.

We also rented a bike for a whole day and it cost us only 75,000IDR (always make sure that the light and breaks of the bike are working J)

Food is also very cheap, popular Nasi Goreng only costs around 12,000IDR (and it’s super yummy!)


10. If one of the huge spiders bites you, you won’t die 🙂

They are everywhere! Not only on these islands but even in Bali and everywhere else. It’s not very comfortable feeling seeing them around the place where you are staying because most of the accommodations are not really closed properly so all the insects can get in very easily.

When I saw one of these spiders for the first time, I obviously got really scared. When a local started calming me down, I asked him if it is dangerous when it bites you. His answer was: ‘’Noooo nooo dangerous… You don’t die – only hospital)’’. LOL not very nice either, isn’t it?

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