THE GILI ISLANDS: This is literally a Paradise!


These 3 tiny Islands have something magical that you will definitely fall in love with. Each one of them has different ‘’personality’’ so you can choose which one you prefer or just visit them all. They are so small that you can easily walk all around the island. What gives them a sparkle is that there are no cars or motorbikes AT ALL. People only use bicycles or horses 🙂


GILI TRAWAGAN (Well known as ‘’Gili T’’)

This is the biggest one out of the 3 Gili islands (it is still very small :)). If you are going to Gili’s from Bali, you need to take a ferry from Amed and it takes around 2 hours. This island is quite touristic as most of the people come here to party. You will find a lot of young groups of people who came to have some fun because ‘’magic mushrooms’’ are very popular here. We got to know that it used to be legal, but there is no police on these islands so they don’t really care that it’s not legal anymore 🙂 Alcohol is pretty expensive though.

As soon as we arrived, we went to swim and all of a sudden, we saw that something popped out its head from the water. At first, we got scared because we didn’t know what it was. After few seconds, it happened again and then there was another one and another one! Thanks god we had our goggles with us so we went to check it out carefully 🙂 We found out that there were three huge and beautiful turtles swimming around us! It was amazing because it’s not so common that you see them just like this between people because obviously, they are scared. You have to go snorkeling in a bit deeper water to see them. Well, we were lucky 🙂

In the evening, there is a local food market from where you can try the proper tastes of Indonesia. You will find everything there! Meat, fish, seafood, noodles, smoothies, pastries, cakes and a lot more that we weren’t even sure what it was 🙂 You don’t need to be scared to eat from there because it’s always full of people so the food doesn’t stay out there for a long time like some of the ‘’warungs’’ that you see everywhere around Indonesia.

If you want to go wild, this is definitely the place where you should do it! 🙂 Just walking on the street in the evening will put you in a partying mood. Seeing all the clubs, bars, people dancing, playing beer pong, locals trying to sell you magic mushrooms (‘’ticket to the moon’’) and hearing loud music from everywhere…. Since alcohol is quite expensive there, I suggest going to a place which has happy hours, because that will be very worth it as some of them have happy hour almost all the evening 🙂

When you wake up next morning (probably with hangover) I suggest taking a walk around the island, because on the other side it’s really quiet 🙂 You will find beautiful wooden swings in the sea (and a hammock) where you can just sit, relax and enjoy the beauty of the turquoise water (there are 17 swings around the island and they are all different – you will want to take a picture on each one of them haha.



This one was my favorite… Smaller than Gili Trawagan and totally different. People usually go to Meno for a honeymoon or just to relax, because there isn’t really much to do but that’s the beautiful thing about it. It’s sooo and quiet. There are only a few people and they are all extremely friendly. We had beautiful accommodation here so it also made a bit of a difference. Really nice eco bungalows with a large pool, it was really clean and the buffet breakfast was just amazing. We don’t usually care that much about the accommodation, but this one was really amazing and it was only €23 per bungalow per night, including breakfast, free 2 bottles of water a day and use of bicycles (which you would otherwise need to rent from somewhere)! 🙂 There was also laundry not even a minute away from our accommodation. It was really worth it.

You might be lucky and see Komodo dragons. Probably just a small ones, because the big ones usually hide 🙂 If you don’t try to attack them, they are not dangerous, they will be just scared and run away as soon as they see you. If you want to see them, go for a bike ride around the small lake which is in the middle of the island, you might see them there.

When it comes to the nightlife, make sure that you take a torch with you wherever you go. There is no light on some of the roads and you don’t want to end up getting lost.

We found an amazing reggae bar on the beach which we fell in love with and went there for a cocktail every evening. I highly recommend going there to see the sunset, as this is an unforgettable view. Just get a cocktail or a smoothie, sit in a bean bag on the beach and watch the beauty. Just AMAZING! Sometimes there is also live music and they will play whatever you like 🙂



To be honest, we didn’t visit this island because we stayed in Gili Meno longer than we expected, so we had no more time left for Gili Air 🙂 But it’s the smallest one of these three islands and when it comes to nightlife and a number of people staying on this island, it’s something between Gili Trawagan and Gili Meno.



Summer is throughout the year there so it will always be hot and sunny. But the rainy season is mainly between late October and March. We went there in February and it only rained once, only for 1 hour in the afternoon and otherwise, the weather was amazing, so don’t worry about this.

Peak season is between June and late August so I wouldn’t suggest going there during those months if you don’t want to see everything crowded with people. Also, the prices are higher and it is a bit more difficult to find accommodation during the peak season. Christmas time is also busy with tourists.

The perfect months to visit are May or September when the weather is kind of perfect and there isn’t a crowd of people. But the popularity of these islands grows by every day, so I still suggest to book accommodation beforehand to be on the safe side.


The time we spent in these islands was well worth it and I would definitely return there! I fell in love with Gili MENO and enjoyed it to the fullest. I hope I will have a chance to go there at least one more time 🙂

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