MALTA: Best things to do during your holiday in Malta


Malta is a little island packed with interesting architecture, beautiful turquoise sea, charming cities and a relaxed vibe. The popularity of this island grows by every day, so if you are thinking of visiting it, just pack your swimsuit, put the flip flops on and come as soon as possible.

Let me tell you a bit about the TOP activities and places you must visit!


Silent city – Mdina

Mdina is called the city of ghosts and that is exactly how it feels when you walk through the narrow streets with the old architecture and almost no people around. There are beautiful buildings and the atmosphere is really unique. After a nice walk, you can go for dinner to one of the restaurants with the view of all Malta from the terrace as Mdina is a city on a hill. You will also find a shop with traditional Mdina Glass products which are really beautiful.



Summer festivals

Maltese people are well known for living ‘’outside’’ as much as possible. That’s why they organize a lot of festivals. The below festivals are the best ones and I definitely suggest visiting at least some of them. (My favorite is Earth Garden and Delicala wine festival J)

Earth garden

Isle of MTV

Marsovin wine festival

Food festival

Delicata wine festival

Beer festival

Music festival

Art Festival


Sunset horse riding

This is an amazing and romantic option if you want to enjoy some nice time with your second half. You don’t need to be experienced horse rider, they will show you all the necessary things. It lasts 90 minutes, but the best part is when you stop on a cliff, watching the beautiful panoramic view of the sea and the sun slowly going down.


Fish market in Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk is also called fishing village so you really get the Mediterranean feeling there. Every Sunday morning, they organize a fish market where you can buy all the seafood and fish you can imagine. The best thing about it is, that it’s not expensive at all and everything is super fresh! If you don’t have the chance to grill it yourself, you can have a lunch in one of the local restaurants overlooking the sea and the market.



Day trip to Gozo

If you are renting a car, it’s ideal to go there with it so you can see as many things as possible in a comfortable way. Buses are a bit disorganized here, but you will find some tours by bus or by boat which are not bad either. But car is a car J

The first place you can visit is Ramla Bay which is nice sandy beach close to the place where the ferry drops you off. It’s the largest beach in Gozo, and the sea is really shallow there so it’s ideal for kids. The whole beach is a spread of red sand.

After, you can get a take away traditional Gozitan pizza with potatoes and drive up to Tal-Mixta cave to eat it there. You will have an amazing view of the whole Ramla bay from the top. It’s just beautiful there.

The second beach which I like is called Xlendi. You park upstairs, and you can either walk it down or you press a button and a jeep comes for you because you wouldn’t be able to get there by a normal car since a really steep hill leads there. This is a small sandy beach, but there are usually not so many people since it’s not so easily accessible.

You also can’t miss Dwejra (there used to be Azur window). This is an interesting spot for snorkeling or diving because you can walk around on the rocks in the shallow water in the sea and all of a sudden there is a super deep ‘’natural pool’’ where you can’t even see the bottom of the sea. It’s a little scary though haha…



Camping in Comino


If you are a type of a person who enjoys camping, you shouldn’t forget to pack into your luggage a camp. One or two nights on this tiny little island will relax both your body and your mind. Showers and toilets are also available close to the camp site. Make sure that you get food, ice, and water with you as there is only one food truck from where you can buy some refreshments. There are no shops in Comino.

If you are thinking of visiting the popular Blue Lagoon, keep in mind that it’s always so PACKED with people that there isn’t even much space where to sit. It is nice to go there early morning while it’s not so full.



Walk through Valetta

Valetta is the capital city which you must include into your holiday in Malta. The architecture is just beautiful. During the day, you can go shopping as there are a lot of shops, and in the evening I suggest going for a nice walk, have a romantic dinner or super delicious ice-cream. Walk to the Upper Barraka Gardens to enjoy the breath-taking panoramic view.



Best Maltese beaches

My favorite is definitely Riviera Martinique! It’s a stunning sandy beach with the best location. You have to go down quite a lot of stairs to get there but it is worth it. There is also a ‘’beach restaurant’’ where you can have some good food and refreshments.

Similar is also Golden Bay or Gnejna Bay which are close to each other.

Another beautiful beach is St. Peters Pool, which is completely different than Riviera. It is a rocky beach with great spots from where you can jump to the sea. If you want to avoid the crowd of people and a queue for jumping, don’t go there on Sunday.



Dinner in one of the local restaurants in Mgarr

If you want to taste the real local food, go to city/village called Mgarr. There are sooo many restaurants to choose from, but don’t expect anything luxury.

Traditional Maltese meal is a roasted rabbit with wine & garlic or with gravy, horse meat, and snails, and everything is served with chips and bread. Weird combination, isn’t it? We always order a portion of each and share everything. To make it even better, you can also order a local house wine.



Best Crepes, ice creams, and waffles

These things always make me feel like I am on holiday. If you will be in Valetta, there are some amazing places with so many different ice creams and crepes that you will go crazy.

If you will be in the south of Malta, buy a crepe from Marsascala and you will not regret it!

Msida also has an amazing shop with ice creams. If you are sweets addict like me, you should take a waffle from Msida – they say they are best waffles in Europe!!!


Click here to see a cool video from a week of holiday in Malta!

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