Mount Batur Sunrise trekking – Unforgettable experience

According to the Hindu believe, Mount Batur, an active volcano is one of the sacred mountains, stands at 1717 above sea levels and it is located in Batur village in the Kintamani region (Bali).

Sunrise trekking on this volcano was one of the most amazing things I have done in my life. Some people might not like that you need to wake up very early for this hike, but I’m telling you, IT’S WORTH IT! I have seen many beautiful views from top of mountains, but I never hiked it up there, and definitely not in the middle of the night. This is a beautiful experience which I’m sure you won’t regret.

At what time do I need to wake up?

It depends where you are staying. We had an accommodation directly in Batur, so we started walking straight from there. Our tour was organized that we had to wake up at 2AM, we had a light breakfast and a coffee, and we started walking at around 3AM (make sure you eat something before going so you have enough energy). It was not easy to wake up at that time, but I am happy that we managed!

If you are staying somewhere else, it will be probably even earlier because they will need to pick you up to get to the starting point.

It is very important that you don’t go alone because it might be dangerous since you are in the middle of a jungle at night, you can’t see anything and you can easily get lost. Always get a tour guide – they are super funny and entertaining 🙂

How long does the hike take?

Depends how physically fit you and your group are. It might take you around 1,5 hours if you are in a good condition and don’t have so many breaks. It took us around 2 hours and we weren’t so super fast, so that’s the average I think. Some groups took longer and arrived up there like half an hour after us. But that’s ok because you start the hike a bit earlier to make sure that you won’t miss the sunrise.

Is it difficult to do it?

It is intense and it does require some fitness… It gets very steep in places with loose stones that can send you slipping.  If you are out of shape you might not make it to the top – some people did not and just went back down. But we all did it and it felt good. Some of us were about to ‘’die’’ (like my friends :)) but at the end they did it. The locals will always help you if you have any difficulties.

What do I need to get with me?

Get a small rucksack and make sure you only get what you really need. Don’t bring any extra things because don’t forget you will need to carry it all the way up and down. Our guide gave us 2 bottles of water, headlamp and a trekking pole. I suggest bringing another small torch with you because the headlamp they gave us wasn’t very strong. Also, get an extra bottle of water just in case.

One of the most important things is to have good trekking shoes because the terrain is very rocky and slippery.

Make sure that you get a hoodie with you because when get up you will feel cold. I wore long leggings, t-shirt with short sleeves and I was feeling pretty hot during the hike. To be honest, I don’t suggest wearing shorts because of the insect and you also might scratch your legs with all the plants and rocks. Also, because you will feel a huge difference in temperature when you get up – I was cold even with the hoodie.

How is it up there?

It is simply AMAZING!

We arrived approximately one hour before the sunrise, so had enough time to relax. As soon as we got up, they offered us coffee and hot chocolate to warm up. Our guide prepared us breakfast consisting of bananas and eggs cooked on the steam of volcano. You can enjoy eating it as you watch the beautiful sunrise and out-of-this-world view in the company of fellow climbers – and the mischievous bunch of mountain monkeys and dogs. It was really relaxing experience!

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