MOROCCO: 1 week with a backpack

Our trip to Morocco was definitely unforgettable experience! We did sooo many things in such short time, but what I suggest to everyone is, if you decide to go for such short time, it is very important that you do a bit of a research and plan your trip a bit. Since we like surprises and we thought it will be more adventurous without planing, we lost some time because of it. Let me tell you our story and I hope I give you some good tips if you are planing to go to Morocco..



Marrakesh is a big city, packed with people and markets. Get ready for a huge amount of locals bagging you for money (even children).

As I already mentioned above that we did not plan anything, we had to find accommodation as soon as we arrived as it was already evening and we were kind of lost. If we booked something beforehand, it would save us time. At first, we couldn’t find room or a hostel which looked at least a bit save, but then we met a local guy wearing a suit and he offered us an accommodation which he said he was renting. He seemed very nice and smart so we followed him. BUT! He took us to a really dark street which looked like a tunnel and there was no light AT ALL. Obviously we didn’t want to go there because it looked pretty scary, but he managed to calm us down and we started walking (Andy with a pocket knife in his hand haha). All of a sudden we saw a small light on the floor and a men with a baseball stick sitting there. As soon as we saw him we wanted to leave but they didn’t want to let us go and they told us that he is a ”security guy”. We started panicking and kept trying to leave but there was no way as they were standing behind us and the street was really narrow. After some time of ”bullshitting” this guy that we will think of it, but we are just going to buy food first, we managed to escape from the dark street and we started running away. Then we found a little room with only a bed and sharing bathroom which cost us only 5 euro πŸ™‚

In the evening, there is a huge food market with mouth-watering Moroccan foods and the place is also filled with people selling traditional textiles, jewelry, slippers, lamps, spices and a lot more and believe me, you will want to buy everything, but get ready for negotiating the prices.

During the day you will also find people selling staff on the street, but a bit different things. For example cobras, colored baby chickens, teeth prosthesis and they will also clean your shoes πŸ™‚


Atlas Mountains

Atlas Mountains is few hours away from Marrakesh and it’s definitely worth going there! We found a taxi driver who stayed with us a whole day and took us there and on the way he also stopped and showed us a lot of other places where he always waited for us how long we wanted.

We went to see an organic farm where they grow herbs and make organic cosmetics. You can buy a lot of amazing 100% natural things from there, especially argan oil! You can also try how they make it πŸ™‚

Then we stopped in a huge 3 floor house full of carpets. It was like a carpet heaven! πŸ™‚ A really nice guy from there offered us a traditional Moroccan tea and explained the way they make the carpets. I wanted to carry them all home haha.

We also had to try to ride a camel, so we did it on this day, on the way to mountains. It was fun, if you are going to Morocco, you have to try it, it is part of this country πŸ™‚

When we arrived to mountains, we had lunch in a ”restaurant” exactly next to the river, which was beautiful. When you go eat somewhere, it is very common that these local musicians come to your table and start playing and singing and don’t stop until you give them money. Be prepared for that πŸ™‚

You can’t miss the trek up to the mountains! When you get up, you will have a spectacular view… I could stay sitting there and relaxing all day..


This small city is located in windy Atlantic coast, which makes it quite popular for surfers. It’s around 3 hours drive from Marrakesh…

Unfortunately I was sick when we stayed here, so I didn’t have a chance to see a lot from this place. The hostel where we stayed was situated exactly next to a mosque, so it made it event ”better” haha. But I saw at least the typical center with a lot of blue fishing boats, that was really nice.

When I started feeling better, we rented quote bikes and went t have some fun on a small ”desert”. It was really amazing, drifting on the sand and racing together. All of a sudden we appeared on a beach where were no people, only some cows and seagulls. But thousands of seagulls! The beach was covered with them, and obviously we found it as something that can be fun if we pass from there ”gas down”. They all started flying around us, I have never seen this amount of seagulls together πŸ™‚ It was beautiful.



Palm-lined promenade and beach bars, restaurants and coffee shops are typical for this place. It is very nice place, but in my opinion a bit too touristic. We took a taxi and went up on a hill which you can see from the beach, we bought a shisha and stayed relaxing up there. We only spent one day here, and it was more than enough πŸ™‚


Where NOT to go

When we were at the train station thinking where to go and seeing the map, we come up with an idea to go to the desert. But Sahara was too far, so since we didn’t have so much time, we wanted to find one which was closer. We asked a guy selling the train tickets where we should go and he suggested one place but then he told us that the train tickets are sold out for next 3 days… LOL. Anther one of his suggestions was a place called Guelmim, where the tickets were also sold out. So we just decided to take a taxi. We chose one of the old models white BMW (most of the taxis were like this) and when we finally bargained the price, we thought we are about to go. But the driver told us to wait few more minutes, so he finds more people to join us. We ended up waiting for around one hour and we were traveling 7 people in this small car! 4 hours! In front there was the driver, anther 2 people siting on the other seat next to him, and another 4 people at the back. I wanted to kill myself, seriously!

But when we finally arrived to Guelmim, we found an exceptional hostel, paid and went a bit around to see where is the desert… We tried to ask some people but no one seemed to know about any desert there, and we were probably the only tourists in this city.. And i was probably the only woman there haha.. Everywhere were only men, sitting on the street in the dirt and staring. This was extremely scary place which was definitely not safe for blond girl like me hahaha. There was literally nothing… We went back to the room because we were scared that they will beat us on the street and steal everything from us. One look at each other and we knew what we were going to do. We got the backpacks and left as fast as possible, found one of this taxis and chose another destination which was another 4 hours drive away. And again, 7 people in the car πŸ™‚

We lost almost a whole day by visiting this place, but if we did some research before, we probably wouldn’t have gone there. So suggestion from my side is, don’t listen to the guys selling train tickets haha!


To sum up this trip, we really enjoyed it even though we there were few hiccups. I wish to go to Morocco again to see some other places, but I will definitely make a plan next time πŸ™‚


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