I moved to Malta in May 2014 but I spent couple of summer seasons here before. It is a nice and small island with friendly people and a lot of food 🙂

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My Slovak cousin with her partner were coming to Malta to get married but without having an actual wedding. They were planning to do it in a simple way, just signing the papers and that’s it. It seemed a bit boring for us so we decided to organize a small wedding for them. Almost all the family came to Malta and we prepared everything. When the couple came to the venue, their reaction was beautiful J After the ceremony, it turned to a wild party haha.

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We decided to buy a place at the end of 2015. It was a loooong ‘’journey’’ to finish everything off but it was well worth it. We always tried to have fun days while working there. If you want to see the transition of how it looked at the beginning and what we’ve done after, click here.



My friends decided to come and visit me in Malta for one week. They did more things than we expected and saw almost everything here. If you are thinking of spending few days or weeks here, watch this video to give you an idea how much fun you will have 🙂



If you click here, you will see what means having a super amazing and crazy family. It is important to always stick together and support each other, exactly like we always do 🙂 Family is the most important thing in life of most of the people, so make sure you appreciate everything they do for you and threat each other nice. Just spread the love xxx